Workshop 2: Build a Data Strategy - Match Challenges with Data Solutions

Workshop Two focused on strengthening the capacities of UN staff to design and implement innovative data-driven solutions to real policy challenges faced by their agency or office. Participants had an opportunity to acquire knowledge, tools and insights from leading thinkers in the field of data innovation, and work closely with data experts who coached them through the process of designing a real data innovation project.


Microsoft Technology Center
Times Square

New York City, NY 10036
United States

Lead agencies
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Global Pulse

Microsoft Technology Center
22 Sep 2016
08:30 Day 1
Registration & Coffee
09:00 Day 1
Opening Remarks: UNDP & UN Global Pulse
  • Opening Remark...
    • Mr. Pedro Conceição
    • Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick
09:30 Day 1
Keynote Speaker: Harnessing Data Innovatio...
  • Harnessing Dat...
    • Dr. Claire Melamed
10:00 Day 1
UN Data Revolution in Practice
  • UN Data Revolu...
    • Mr. Miguel Luengo-Oroz
10:30 Day 1
10:45 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: An Introduct...
11:45 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: Define the P...
12:35 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: Inventory an...
13:00 Day 1
14:00 Day 1
Keynote Speaker: Design Thinking for Data ...
  • Keynote Speake...
    • Ms. Jennifer Dunnam
14:45 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: Understand W...
15:30 Day 1
15:35 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: Identify You...
16:20 Day 1
New Data Innovation Projects: Problem Expl...
16:50 Day 1
Wrap Up Day 1
23 Sep 2016
09:00 Day 2
Conversation and Coffee
09:30 Day 2
Looking Back, Looking Forward
09:45 Day 2
New Data Innovation Projects: Assemble
10:45 Day 2
11:00 Day 2
New Data Innovation Projects: Data Privacy...
  • Privacy and Et...
    • Ms. Mila Romanoff
12:00 Day 2
Keynote Speaker: Behavioural Insights
  • Behavioural In...
    • Dr. Elizabeth Linos
12:45 Day 2
13:45 Day 2
New Data Innovation Projects: Problem ReEx...
14:30 Day 2
New Data Innovation Projects: Planning for...
15:15 Day 2
15:30 Day 2
Moving From Ideas to Action
16:00 Day 2
Workshop Wrap Up
18:00 Post-workshop event
Data Playground: Data Partnerships and the...
18:45 Post-workshop event



Mr. Pedro Conceição
Director, Strategic Policy - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick
Director - United Nations Global Pulse
Dr. Claire Melamed
Incoming Executive Director - Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
Mr. Miguel Luengo-Oroz
Chief Data Scientist - United Nations Global Pulse
Ms. Jennifer Dunnam
Google Creative Lab, School of Visual Arts - Google
Ms. Mila Romanoff
Legal and Privacy Specialist - United Nations Global Pulse Liudmyla Romanoff serves as a legal and privacy specialist at the United Nations Secretary-General’s initiative on big data, Global Pulse. She is responsible for establishing sustainable mechanisms for public-private partnerships and responsible use of big data for global development and humanitarian action. Mila was previously involved as an independent advisor at two Permanent Missions to the United Nations and the Department of Justice in Ukraine. Prior to joining the United Nations, she worked in the private sector specializing in commercial contracting and litigation for New York and Ukrainian law firms. As a privacy specialist and human rights advocate, she has been engaged in the Military Commission proceedings at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, concentrating on the issues of attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, data security and privacy of communications.
Dr. Elizabeth Linos
VP, Head of Research and Evaluation - Behavioral Insights Team, North America